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Model : MPM-B2152F-MJ72AA 
Series : A
Model : 2090-XXNFMF-S20 
Series : A
Multi-turn High-resolution Encoder (absolute feedback) keypad Shaft
Cable, Feedback, DIN Type 4 Connector, Non-Flex, Flying Lead, 20M
Special Price : 138,528.00 THB
Special Price : 13,680.00 THB
Price : 173,160.00 THB
Price : 17,100.00 THB
Model : 2090-UXNFBMP-S30 
Series : C
Model : 2090-CPBM7DF-10AA09  Series : A
Cable, Ultra, Non-Flex, Motor Feedback, MP, 30M
Lead, Standard(Non-Flex), 10AWG, 9M 
Special Price : 18,648.00 THB
Special Price : 24,624.00 THB
Price : 23,310.00 THB
Price : 30,780.00 THB